Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Research and Documentation

Companion Readings

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Companion Readings

  1. Writing a research paper
  2. Claims, claims, claims
  3. Claims for a successful written argument
  4. The Modern Language Association
  5. Information on MLA style
  6. Evaluating sources
  7. Evaluating internet resources
  8. Differences between primary and secondary research
  9. Library research guide
  10. Georgia State Library
  11. Letter from a Birmingham Jail“, Martin Luther King Jr.
  12. The King Center
  13. Google Scholar
  14. GSU Library: How do I?
  15. GSU Library: Research Guides
  16. How to Locate a Book in the Library
  17. The American Medical Association
  18. The United Nations
  19. Information you can trust
  20. Crafting a strong research question
  21. Crafting a research proposal
  22. Sample research proposals
  23. Plagiarism
  24. Plagiarism checker
  25. GSU Academic Honesty Policy
  26. Common types of plagiarism
  27. Examples of Plagiarism
  28. 5 Insanely Blatant Acts of Plagiarism by Famous People
  29. Take research notes and avoiding plagiarism
  30. Avoiding plagiarism: what is common knowledge?
  31. Formatting quotations with MLA
  32. Differences between quoting, paraphrasing, and summarizing
  33. How to use quotes, paraphrases, and summaries
  34. The rhetorical precis
  35. Sample rhetorical precis
  36. Witness: the Guerrilla Theater of Greenpeace
  37. Sample ethnography papers
  38. The annotated bibliography
  39. How to prepare an annotated bibliography
  40. Sample MLA formatted paper
  41. Sample APA formatted paper