Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Writing with Englishes: The Complexities of Language Use

Companion Readings

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Companion Readings

  1. Vershawn Ashanti Young on Code-Meshing
  2. Discussion of The Oakland Resolution and Ebonics
  3. Writings from refugee writers
  4. Link to the Digital Archive of Literacy Narratives (DALN)
  5. Freewriting
  6. 500 Freewriting Prompts
  7. Discussion of Ebonics
  8. Story about Atlanta’s Buford Highway
  9. Link to Applied Linguistics and ESL Department at GSU
  10. A guide to writing in English as a second language
  11. Link to the Georgia State Signal (student newspaper)
  12. Link to Student Organizations at GSU
  13. Audio, text, and image story about Atlanta’s culture