Chapter 9

Chapter 9: Civic Engagement and Community-Based Writing

Companion Readings

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Companion Readings

Contributors: Siobhan Cooke, Kelly Elmore, Meng Yu, Yunye  Yu

  2. Andrew Shea Designing for Social Change
  3. IDEO “Human-Centered Design Toolkit”
  4. Emily Pilloton’s “Design Revolution: The Toolkit”
  5. What is Service Learning?

GSU Resources

  1. volunteer opportunities at GSU
  2. GSU’s University Career Services and Internships
  3. GSU Office of Civic Engagement
  4. GSU Student Organizations
  5. Service-Learning in the GSU College of Education
  6. Community Engagement in the GSU College of Arts and Sciences

Internet Resources

  1. Campus Compact (policy and advocacy)
  2. Corporation for National and Community Service
  3. National Service-Learning Clearinghouse