Art Contest Winners

Posted On August 10, 2015
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Lower Division Studies would like to congratulate the winners of the 2015-2016 5th Edition Art Contest. Art from this contest and previous years’ contests is featured in the Guide and on this website!

The winners are:

Cover Design Contest Winner: Deana Mounajjed

Taneisha White, Inside My Mind (xvi)

Michael Foster, Atlanta (xx)

Blake Vasquez, Pounce (34)

Megan Glasscock, I Don’t Want to Die (82)

Betsy Cruz, Pencil Building,  (120)

Alexander Thomas Mitchell, Pretty (162), Crossing the Street (262), Roundabout (266), March On (276)

Moira Catherine Clark, We Make the City (252)

Toniah Smittick, From Out Within (253), Glance at GSU (274), Dusk (360)

Sarah Kegley, My Class at 10 a.m. (253)

Jeffery Cordry, Athens (257), Untitled (260), Piedmont Park (269), Taipei, Taiwan (270), Halloween in Shanghai (271)

Eun Kyoung, Yang, Alone (258)

Lesly Rodgriguez, Atlanta (264), Mexico (268), City Lights (280)

Hae Sung Yang, Korean Nativity Scene (267)

Noe Martinez, Satellite Campus (298)

Rachel Cheek, Love of Science (340)


Interested in publishing your artistic work? The Art Committee for GSU’s Guide to First-Year Writing textbook welcomes submissions for art. All media considered! Winning entries will enjoy:

✓ Print publication in the sixth edition of GSU’s Guide to First-Year Writing

✓ Online publication:

✓  Eligibility for public exhibition in GSU’s Writing Studio

We welcome 0riginal art by GSU students, faculty, and staff in any visual form (photos, paintings, illustrations, etc.) relating to GSU campus life, Atlanta community engagement, student concerns, and especially the art of writing. Send your titled artwork in JPEG format to [email protected] by December 1, 2016.