About this Website

This site was created by Deborah D’CruzeStephanie Devine, Jen Vala, and Lelania Watkins, and is currently maintained by Sara Harwood and Julie Fowkes. For questions or comments about this site, please contact Julie Fowkes.

We dedicate this page to the memory of Jennifer L. Vala (pictured above), former Assistant Director of Lower Division Studies in English at Georgia State University. Not only was Jen an integral part of the LDS team during her time at GSU, she was also the creative force behind this website for The Guide, guidetowriting.gsu.edu. All who worked with Jen knew the strength of her professionalism, creativity, and kindness. For those in the graduate teaching assistant community who came to Georgia State while Jen was the Assistant Director, Jen was a touchstone, a calming presence who patiently answered every question asked of her.  Jen impacted her students as well. They remember her as an instructor who brooked no nonsense, but who also taught from a place of compassion and who shared the joy of teaching with all who entered her classroom. Jen’s positive impact on the community of the English department cannot be overstated and she will be sorely missed by all who were fortunate enough to know her.