Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Writing Recursively: Understanding the Writing Process

Companion Readings

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Companion Readings

  1. Conducting Peer Reviews
  2. Richard Straub, “Responding–Really Responding–to Other Students’ Writing”
  3. MLK “I Have a Dream”: Text, Recording, Video
  4. MLK “I Have a Dream” animated
  5. $300 House Blog
  6. Peter Elbow on Free-writing
  7. Pre-writing
  8. Invention
  9. Revising
  10. The Writing Process
  11. Claims for a successful written argument
  12. Writing a research paper
  13. Claims, claims, claims
  14. Letter from a Birmingham Jail“, Martin Luther King Jr.
  15. The King Center
  16. Freewriting
  17. 500 Freewriting Prompts
  18. Steps for revising your paper
  19. Successfully revising your paper drafts
  20. Weird Al’s Word Crimes
  21. William Safire biography
  22. Invention: five qualities of good writing
  23. George Orwell’s six elementary rules
  24. How to Write Clearly: Kiss you Readers
  25. Concise and precise writing
  26. Avoiding cliches in your writing
  27. Writing concisely
  28. Awesome action verbs for your paper
  29. Categorized list of action verbs
  30. What is passive voice?
  31. More information on the passive voice
  32. Differences between active and passive voice
  33. Online Thesaurus
  34. What is proofreading?
  35. Proofreading symbols and meanings
  36. Ten More Grammar Myths, Debunked
  37. Language” Stephen Fry
  38. Homophones
  39. How to Avoid Distractions while Studying
  40. How to avoid distractions and stay motivated
  41. Develop better writing habits
  42. Using Peer Review to help improve student writing
  43. Tips for successful peer reviews
  44. 10 Tips to getting peer review right